mapThe Palestinian diaspora (الشتات الفلسطيني‎) are the +6 million Palestinians living outside of the historic borders of Palestine. While most are displaced by war with Israel, others have emigrated overseas for reasons such as work opportunity, education and religious persecution. Many of them are found in Jordan (3,240,000), Syria (630,000), Chile (500,000), Lebanon (402,582), Saudi Arabia (280,245), Egypt (270,245) and the United States (255,000). An estimated 100,000 Palestinians live in the European Union.

Between September till December 2015, I went on a trip to meet and interview Palestinians in Europe, Canada, the US, Chile, Australia, India and Dubai. This website shares these interviews and memories. It is both an archive, a journey and a source of inspiration, for myself and for all who care.

In May 2017, I travelled to Florida and interviewed in Miami, Tampa and Ocala. At this moment, I am preparing for interviews in Lebanon during Spring of 2018.


“The first question people usually ask: why are you doing this?”



Everybody who has left his home country and settled somewhere else has a story that deserves to be told. On top of that, sharing the stories from Palestinians in the Diaspora is a way to challenge the ongoing segregation in Israel. What strikes me after every interview is how these stories defy the ongoing stereotypes that come with global migration. But most of all, I do these interviews because I deeply enjoy them.

The stories on this site are intended to be shared. You can use them for non commercial use if you mention and share the project (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License).

Warm regards,

Frank Ostyn.

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