From Feb 17-24th 2018, Memories of Palestine was part of the Under Construction Festival in Ghent (Belgium). I created an exhibition/performance in my house called (L)AND. As I have been invited numerous times at the home of Palestinians in the Diaspora for interviews, it was now time to open up my house to tell their stories.

More information on the festival and (L)AND:




On July 1st 2016, Memories of Palestine was integrated in the festivities at the residence of the Monti Family in Nigoline (Italy).




From June 24th-28th (2016), the first expo of Memories of Palestine takes place in Ghent (Belgium). You can visit us at  KASK  – Louis Pasteurlaan 2 – 9000 Ghent – Belgium.

Opening hours: June 24th: 19h-23h / June 25th-28th:  12h-20h